The Smart Card Centre (SCC) was founded in October 2002 by Royal Holloway University of London, Vodafone and Giesecke & Devrient as a world-wide centre of excellence for training and research into security issues associated with smart cards, tokens and mobile devices. It has received support from a wide range of organisations, most notably Orange Labs (UK), the UK Cards Association, Transport for London and ITSO. It is a testimony to the world-wide reputation of the Information Security Group, which such major organisations chose to locate and support the Smart Card Centre at Royal Holloway.

Topics studied within the group now include Radio Frequency ID (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile devices, avionics and automotive system security, bock chains and smart contracts, and general embedded/ implementation system security.

As research activity also focuses on devices with relatively limited processing and memory resources but with direct network connectivity – the Internet  of Things (IoT) – the group’s name changed to “The Smart Card and Internet of Things Security Centre” in December 2015.

We have analysed a number of IoT products and we have responsibly disseminated the findings of our research.

The SCC aims to be open and involving, so please contact Professor Markantonakis if you are interested in participating in the seminar programme, consultancy opportunities or becoming an industry partner.