SHAWN: (Jan 2014-Jun 2016)

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SHAWN (Secure High-Availability Avionics Wireless Networks) is a 30-month collaborative project started on January 1st 2014 and co-funded by InnovateUK.  The project is developing the technology required for a robust, secure and high-bandwidth wireless communication system suitable for intra-aircraft avionics digital data networks. On-board aircraft computing systems currently use wired interconnects. The project aspires to replace some of these wired avionics networks with wireless alternatives to realise the benefits of; weight reduction through replacement of cabling and connectors; reduction of effort and cost in wiring design and installation; reduction of effort and cost in wiring maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled), and greater system design flexibility and scalability. The progress made through the project will be presented – including the assembly of a network demonstrator – and a summary of the challenges that need to be overcome prior to deployment will be given. The paper will also summarise the proposed route to standardisation and the parallel industry activities that are already underway.  The project partners are GE Aviation Systems (Lead), Critical Software, HW Communications, Royal Holloway (University of London) and University of Strathclyde.