PhD Graduation

In 2018, we celebrated the successful completion of four PhD students, supervised by Prof Konstantinos Markantonakis and the Smart Card and IoT Security Centre (SCC). They are:

  • Dr Carlton Shepherd, “Techniques for Establishing Trust in Modern Constrained Sensing Platforms with Trusted Execution Environments”
  • Dr Iakovos Gurulian, “On Enhancing the Security of Time Constrained Mobile Contactless Transactions”
  • Dr Robert Lee, “Schemes and Applications for Binding Hardware and Software in Computing Devices”
  • Rashedul Hassan, “Cheat Detection and Security in Video Games”

Well done to them!

At the same time, the SCC is expanding its research efforts in its established research threads, including payment systems, automotive, blockchain and smart contracts, and secure application execution. We are looking for hard working and ambitious PhD candidates to join our research team.

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